Arp is Arpoador Hotel’s beach bar located close to the Pedra do Arpoador – a rocky peninsula that separates the Rio’s iconic Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. The spot has been part of the city’s facade for years and it was fully renovated in 2018 with cuisine by renowned chef Roberta Sudbrack. This visual identity takes inspiration on brazilian “tropical modernism”, finding a balance between sophistication and relaxation. At the hotel all the windows are circular so a custom logotype was made from 3 perfect circles. Arp is almost in the sand, then the visuals are inspired by a top-view look of beach umbrellas which results in an interesting pattern of decorated circles.
  Risography was the elected printing technique resembling the grain from the sand and a nostalgic vibe. The final result is geometric and simple matching the hotel’s architecture and purpose.


Anywhere, 2018


Latin American Design Awards
Brasil Design Award


The Brand Identity

Carlos Bocai & Julia B Aguiar

Wendy Andrade
Leonardo Finoti
Samuel Antonini