Full branding and creative direction for a fashion brand created from/for the internet and Generation Z, speaking through powerful statements, influencers and emojis. We have been through extensive market research and interviews with the target audience to create a brand that speaks to this generation on this project.
  The brand behaves like an influencer, performing in different ways with different signatures and logo variations. This visual system embraces emoji language and graphic elements that resemble a modern visualization of the internet and organically generated content. For Fowz, we developed the brand strategy, the visual identity, the verbal language (tagline and manifesto), the clothes’ print, all the printed and digital material and creative direction to the fashion film, and the brand whole.


Anywhere, 2017

Creative Direction: Carlos Bocai, Julia B Aguiar
Design Assistant: Victor Jobim 
Verbal Language: Luisa Rodrigues Iza Vieira
Film: Sweat Projects - Luzcas, Raphael Mamberti
Photos: Victor Ronccally, Marcel Blanco
Post production: Pedro Magalhães

Styling: Antonio Schuback
Beauty: Piu Gontijo and Anna Pittha
Production: Luisa Rodrigues, Izabel Vieira and Bianca Bake
Models: Bruna Novellino, Juliette Ozifa, Francisca Capeto, Maria Carolina Oliveira, Guilherme Blum and Luan Braga