Gender-neutral communication campaign for MTV broadcasted all over Latin America. The script was divided into four chapters, and all graphic materials were designed in Portuguese and Spanish and applied to 4 social media posts and TV spots in each language.

   Portuguese and Spanish are both heavily gendered languages. The campaign highlights the recent efforts toward more inclusive communication by showing how language itself is alive and has transformed over time. Inspired by a DIY aesthetic, we developed a visual world that portrays language as a constant work in progress built by many hands. Through textures, cut-outs and collages, it represents the different layers of language. 

Gender-Neutral Language
MTV, 2022

Paramount, MTV

Art Direction, Design and Adapted Script:
Carlos Bocai, Julia B Aguiar, Roma

Produced by:
Tetas, Colletivo Design,
Camila Vieira, We Make Magic

Flavia Zimbardi

Original Script:
Jonas Maria

Motion Design: 
Ricardo Campana

Sound Design:
Edu Ferreira

Video Case Study:
Matheus Pinheiro