A portal into the many dimensions of cannabis

  A new multi-sensory and experiential destination that explores the many facets of cannabis culture has landed in New York’s Soho. Offering five floors of unique exhibitions and experiences, THC NYC aims to be a beacon of “high” culture, and our identity helps to transport visitors out of the ordinary and immerse them in the extraordinary.
  Against the backdrop of a major shift from subculture to mainstream, The House of Cannabis (THC NYC) founders acknowledged early on the key role this unique “museum” will play in breaking stigma, changing perceptions, and elevating cannabis culture both for experienced and newly curious audiences. Its visual identity therefore needed to facilitate all of these elements, while avoiding so many potential cliches and tropes.
   Base touched almost every brand aspect: from naming and strategy, to the website and merchandise—all centered around communicating the museum as a place that’s experiential and educational; a cultural institution rather than a dispensary. Since cannabis can transport the mind to different places, the iconic arched windows of the house’s historic building at 427 Broadway were an obvious tie-in to represent portals to other realms. This shape informed a tight visual framework that revolves around a flexible motif, used to either contain or frame a wide range of content, and acting as both a conceptual and a literal window into the world of THC NYC.
   A custom typeface speaks to urban culture, with plenty of attitude, and merch was created with a streetwear sensibility. For the art direction, clouds represent the ethereal, and also act as euphemisms for smoke, while color gradients evoke the feeling of ever-changing moods and constant discovery.

THC NYC — The House of Cannabis

Base, 2023


Creative Boom
Brand New

Creative Direction: Min Lew
Account Lead: Anthony Carson
Copywriting: Katerina Mery
Brand Identity: Ross Gendels. Carlos Bocai
Website: Mirek Nissenbaum, Ross Gendels, Carlos Bocai, Anjela Freya,
Andrey Starkov. Daria Tischenko. Artem Lyusti, Rinat Abdrakhmanov,
Sergei Khegai, Taya Ivanova, Mitya Sudakov 
Merchandise: Ross Gendels, Carlos Bocai, Shirlin Kao, Jun Hong
Motion Design: Yeon Ryo
Strategy: John Hearn
Custom Type: Razzia Type
Lifestyle Photography: Phoenix Johnson
Case Study Photography: Carlos Bocai
Content: Terrane Group